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Honu Mental Health

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Find Your Safe Space for Understanding and Self-Discovery

Struggling With Life's Twists and Turns?

Do you ever feel like you are fighting against your own thoughts? Do you feel lost in life or pressured to meet expectations? Well, you are not alone. Here at Honu Mental Health, we've created a safe space for you to explore, grow, and find your way.


How I Can Help

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Disordered Eating & Body Image

Let's heal your relationship with food by working towards a balanced lifestyle that respects yourself and makes you feel good in your body.

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Sports Psychology & High Performance

Whether you're an athlete or just striving for personal excellence, let's unlock your full potential.

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BIPOC & LGBTQ2+ Support

Your identity matters here. As someone who values diversity and inclusivity, I'm here to provide a space where you can embrace who you are and be celebrated for it.

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Living with ADHD can come with its challenges, but it's also part of what makes you uniquely you. Let's explore strategies to thrive with ADHD and uncover the strengths that make you shine.

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Overwhelming thoughts can sometimes get so loud that we feel unable to deal with those feelings. I'm here to tell you we can manage those feelings.

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Life Transitions

We all feel lost at one point or another in our lives and it is okay to not know what comes next. Together we will help you navigate the unknown.

Meet Your Therapist

Hi there, I'm Alex

I'm your go-to therapist at Honu Mental Health. With a background in psychology and counselling, along with a personal journey through mental health, I'm here to listen, support, and guide you through life's ups and downs.

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Alex, owner of Honu Mental Health

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Let's chat! Schedule your free 15-minute consultation today and let's start this journey together.

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