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Let's Dive In:
What I'm Here to Help With

Welcome to the heart of Honu Mental Health, where I tailor my services to meet your unique needs and empower you to thrive. Here's a glimpse into how I can support you in various areas:

Disordered Eating & Body Image

Disordered Eating & Body Image

Healing our Relationship with Food and Our Bodies

Disordered Eating and Body Image go hand in hand when you think about how a single piece of food will directly reflect on your body rather than the energy it will give us. For all of us with negative associations with food, whether you have a proper Eating Disorder diagnosis or not, we could all benefit from improving our relationship with food. You are not alone in these thoughts because we all have to live in a world filled with negative ideas from diet culture, gym culture, social media, pre-conceived gender definitions, and ethnic-cultural expectations. Together we can help you gain the confidence and self-compassion to be firm in your boundaries and allow you to feel free and content in the world we live in.

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Sports Psychology & High Performance
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Sports Psychology & High Performance

Unlocking Your Full Potential

The highest pressure you will feel is what you put on yourself and focusing on your mental game can be the difference in your success. From pre-game jitters to post-game reflections, I've got your back. Peak performance is a highly researched area of psychology that can be transferred across any high pressure environment. Such as competitive sports, high level corporate careers, and performing artists. We will help you reach your potential through self-reflection, psycho-education, and mindfulness. By discovering tools that are unique to you and help you manage stress and heightened emotions to perform at the top of your ability.


Celebrating Your Identity

When you look different from everyone else, it's easy to also feel different and internalize those differences as your problems. People in the LGBTQ1A+ and BIPOC communities are statistically more likely to be physically, verbally, or sexually harassed. Historically, our exclusion from society has resulted in higher rates of suicide attempts and presently can still feel very unsafe just to exist. Discrimination and systemic disparities leads to more mental health issues and lower access to health care support. As Canadians, we are fortunate to live in a diverse population but we still have a lot of room for growth to integrate different cultures in a way that respects everyone at the human-level and acknowledges cultural and individual differences. Through understanding socio-cultural roles, we can gain perspective to more confidently face unique challenges to people in these marginalized populations. 

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ADHD & Self-Identity
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Understanding ADHD and Embracing Your Uniqueness

Have you ever been called "lazy", "day dreamer", "bad with time" or "unmotivated"? perhaps these are just labels that were given to you when the world knew less about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This mental disorder is increasing in popularity due to growing research on its neuropathology and differences in presentation. It is often overlooked in females and adults who have had to mask their ADHD traits in order to survive in the neuro-typical world we live in. Therapy can help you understand your neurodivergent brain better, identify and improve behaviours, and provide new perspectives on old shame and guilt that we might still carry.



Turning Down the Volume on Overwhelming Thoughts

Overwhelming thoughts can sometimes get so loud that we feel unable to deal with those feelings. But I'm here to tell you we can manage those feelings. Anxiety is simply a biological signal from our body that warns us of danger, one which our brains have often taken too far and associated with more danger than there really is. Learning healthy coping skills can allow us to manage and ultimately lessen the anxiety. Together, we will build a personalized tool box that will help you address any present, past, or future anxieties you might experience.

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Life Transitions

Navigating Life's Twists and Turns

The ultimate goal of therapy is self-improvement through self-reflection. An unbiased and non-judgemental space allows us to explore our thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behaviours without burdening our personal relationships. Rarely in our lives are we allowed the opportunity to safely explore ourselves, make mistakes, and get closer to the person we want to become. Therapy provides this reflective space to free ourselves from external expectations and move towards more fulfilling goals. It takes time, patience, and most importantly self-compassion to release ourselves from self-judgment and consequently the judgement of others. We don't have all the answers in life but we all at least deserve a safe space to go when we feel lost. 

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